• yasminBG

    Build with us

    We've designed the school we all wish we could have gone to when we were students. A playground for our own children and yours. Check out (and help build) the school of your dreams.

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  • TheTeam2

    Our People

    We hire on passion and personality. People who don't teach because they can't do, but instead because they do. Meet our team. Join our team.

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  • johnBG

    Campus Life

    Makers, CEO's, olympic hopefuls, poets, videographers, novelists, chefs . . . the details are unique, but one thing remains the same: our students focus on doing.

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  • ourPhilosophyBGEDIT

    Our Philosophy

    We are on a mission to reimagine what education can be. Come explore our core values and discover what sets us apart from the rest.

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Encouraging Play. Exploring Passions. Finding Purpose.

Join us in designing a radically new school experience for makers, entrepreneurs, inventors, philosophers, writers, thinkers, doers and world changers. If you're looking for been there done that, we might not be the place for you.

If not, let's talk.

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