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Even before the clock approached midnight on December 31st of last year, my facebook was flooded with proclamations of New Years Resolutions. I even made one myself. Just 10 days into this new year, the signs of frustration are already all around us. As Mr. K said so eloquently to our students on Monday – Your New Years Resolution is basically the first promise you will break this year. That’s just how it goes.

So instead, this year we encouraged all of our students to take the 3 word challenge posted by Chris Brogan. Some great entries can be read on each of our students’ individual blogs. As I continue to contemplate my personal 3 words for this year, our 3 words for Ampersand were easy.

Focusing on play, happiness, enjoyment – generally having a playful approach to what we do at school each and every day. Not taking ourselves too seriously (thought we take what we do very seriously) and making sure we encourage our students to engage in play.

Helping students and our faculty explore their passions – whatever they may be, on and off campus. Life is just so much more fulfilling when we are engaged in work that we are passionate about. Everyone can have that, and as a school, we think it is our job to help our students find their passions.

Happiness, confidence, satisfaction with life – these things are a result of feeling a sense of purpose, of belonging to and contributing to something bigger than ourselves. All of us who are a part of building Ampersand share that larger purpose and that makes this an amazing organization to be a part of. Our students deserve to have that experience as well, and they don’t have to wait until they are a part of “the real world” to have it. They can find purpose in their lives now. We can help them do that.

We’re so excited for 2014, and continuing to be a place for students that encourage play, and helps students explore their passions and find their purpose.

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