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Ampersand is super lucky to have friends and fans both locally here in Orlando and the greater Central Florida Area and all over the world. These people and organizations are great for both our faculty and our students, as we are constantly inspired and excited by the great work they are doing and able to share best practices and lessons learned – and sometimes engage in mutually beneficial partnerships.

FutureMakers is an amazing organization that unfortunately, at least for now, is only serving the Maryland, DC, Northern Virginia area and focuses on providing opportunities for kids with big ideas to build, experiment, take risks and purposely play as they “make stuff,” something that is becoming more and more difficult for students to do during a traditional school day. Tinkering – brainstorming, designing, problem solving through iteration – is such a natural process for the youngest of our students, and yet rarely used as a valid learning process in schools.

Future Makers has a great model for doing this both in after school, weekend and summer workshops as well as a model for bringing in their staff to co-teach with teachers during the school day. As Ampersand continues to strengthen our commitment to making as a guiding principle, we are continuously looking to organizations that are similarly working to identify the best ways to design environments, projects, methodologies and pedagogy that help develop our students into the creative, confident problem solvers we need.

Check out the cool stuff FutureMakers is up to. If you’re a local orlando-based maker yourself and are interested in sharing your passions with our students here at Ampersand, or if you want to enroll your child in a school that values the making expereince – please sayhello@ampersandschool.com.

Stay tuned to see the incredible things our students can make!

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