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Bring your baby to school!

By Posted in - Philosophy on February 11th, 2014 2 Comments Bring your baby to work

Ampersand is proud to be a BAW (Babies-at-Work) workplace.  As the title of this Forbes piece highlights, “Bringing babies to work is good business.”

Declan, Mr. K’s son, is the first participant in our BAW program, and so far, we are excited about it.  The benefits abound for everyone involved.  We are able to keep Mr. K in the classroom, continuity that is important for our students.  Our students and staff love having a baby around.  And, though maybe I’m stretching a bit here, I think Declan benefits, not just from spending more time with his dad, but from the increased stimulation from the school environment and students.

Of course, there are things to figure out.  What do we do when he’s fussy or crying?  Is he a distraction to students?  These are valid concerns, but so far, there haven’t been any issues.  Since we’re able to tend to Declan’s needs as they arise, there is rarely a situation where he’s unhappy.  Even so, we have a co-teaching model, so there is typically more than one staff person with students.  If there is a situation where Declan needs some time and space, that can happen.  And Mr. K isn’t on his own.  We believe is takes a village, and the Ampersand village is more than happy to step in as needed.

We are so happy to have Declan with us as part of our Ampersand Family.  If you’re thinking of launching a BAW program at your organization, we’d be happy to share our experience!

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