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Ampersand loves homeschoolers. Students are different. Families are different. Everyone deserves the learning environment and structure that works best for them. Ampersand provides that for lots of students. We can provide that for homeschooled students too.

Ampersand provides an Umbrella School option for homeschool families that want ongoing support with the paperwork and reporting requirements of traditional independent homeschooling status.  As a member of the Ampersand Umbrella School, families don’t have to worry about fulfilling the legal requirements as required by Section 1002.41, F.S.


To establish a home education program and maintain compliance with the statute, a parent must:

Send a written notice of intent to the school district superintendent.
Maintain a portfolio of records, consisting of a log of educational activities, writings, worksheets, and creative materials used or developed by the student
Make the portfolio available for inspection by the superintendent upon a 15-day notice. (The legislation does not require the superintendent to inspect all portfolios.)
Provide an annual educational evaluation for the student’s educational process to the school district superintendent.
Preserve each student’s portfolio for two years.
Submit a letter of termination upon completion of the home education program or change of residence.


As a member of the Ampersand Umbrella School, families must only maintain the state attendance requirement of 180 school days, with days decided upon by the family.  Families enrolled in the Umbrella Program maintain autonomy in terms of curriculum, assessment and record keeping.

Ampersand offers our Umbrella School families the option of utilizing our faculty for anything they might need as they homeschool their students, including but not limited to:

advice on curriculum choice
co-creation of curriculum
access to Ampersand developed curriculum
drop-in access to Ampersand field trips, job shadowing and volunteering
drop-in access to Ampersand guest speakers
drop-in access to projects and themes
access to Ampersand faculty for consultations, tutoring, or private projects
record keeping support, report cards, transcripts and diplomas
participation in prom
participation in exhibition events
participation in graduation ceremony


More than all of that, Ampersand offers its secular homeschool program to homeschool families in and around the Orlando area to help grow a community of parents, students and educators that believe in a radically different approach to education.

At its core this approach focuses on creating environments that help students become happy, confident learners impacting the world around them with the things they learn.


If you are not local to Central Florida, but are still interested in joining the Ampersand family through our Umbrella School program, please contact us.  We are considering expanding our program and would love to talk to you.

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