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Individualized Educational Plans
Our goal is to individualize every aspect of the educational experience, so for each student we make an Individualized Education Plan (IEP). For freshmen it’s a unique four-year plan that details such topics as the course schedule, behavioral accommodations, extracurricular activities, rules for computer use, and our expectations of student performance. For older students joining Ampersand School, the IEP is adjusted to fit the remainder of their high school career. The IEP also includes an attendance agreement requiring a signed commitment from students and their parents.

Throughout the year we will refer back to the IEP as we watch a student’s progress. The initial education plan we lay down isn’t set in stone. One of the chief benefits of not having the bureaucracy of a large school is flexibility; we’re free to revise the IEPs as necessary to best support our students as they develop, reveal more of who they are, and set goals for themselves.

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