School Operating Procedures

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Regular School Hours

9:00am – 3:30pm

Teacher Work Days

Students not in attendance. Administrators, Staff, Teachers, and Employees are working. &School is open for business 9am – 4pm.

Campus Closed

Administrators, Staff, Teachers, and Employees are not working. &School is not open for business.

Half Days

9am – Noon (unless otherwise noted)

Physical Education Requirements

All students are required to have 80 hours of physical education activity throughout the school year. Students may accrue
these hours in a variety of ways. Forms to keep track of these hours are located in the office and on the school’s website.
All physical education hours are due to the front office by Friday, May 8, 2015.

Service Learning

Service Learning is a method of teaching that combines formal instruction with a related service in the community. Our service learning program provides students and teachers the opportunity to impact their community in may ways. All &School Students, Faculty, and Staff will participate in service learning projects throughout the school year. Parents will be responsible for dropping students off and picking them up from the designated location. Students should bring lunch that does not have to be refrigerated on these days. All students are required to have a certain number of service learning hours within the community each school year. Students must complete the hours and document them on the Service Learning Forms provided. All service learning hours are due by Friday, May 8, 2015.

Service Learning Hours Requirements by Program

  • Primary – 20 hours
  • Transition – 40 hours
  • Preparatory – 60 hours
  • Graduating Seniors – 75 hours

Career Builder/Job Shadow Program

Our Job Shadow Program is designed for all students on various levels. This program provides students with career
preparedness from on the job training in a variety of fields throughout the year. (Interviewing skills, career aptitude testing, school to work modules, job shadows, and more.) Students are expected to complete the accompanying assignments on their syllabus for each quarter in order to fulfill the requirements for the Job Shadow Program.

  • Primary & Transition Students will go on field trips as a group to visit that each student is interested in throughout the school year. Please bring students to school on time and pick up at the regular pick up time.
  • Preparatory Students & Parents are responsible for transportation to and from their Job Shadow Experience.
  • Preparatory Students are not to attend school before or after their Job Shadow Experience. Should you need assistance providing transportation for your students, please let the front office know.

Student Exhibitions

Ampersand School Student Exhibitions are held at the end of each quarter. Students showcase one project that they have been working on throughout the quarter and present it to family, friends of the Ampersand School, their peers, and other community leaders. We want to present our very best to the community during this time. There is dress code for Student Exhibitions. Student attire for Ampersand School Exhibitions is as follows:

  • dark jeans
  • white first layer (shirt/blouse)
  • black second layer (tie, vest, jacket, sweater, scarf, etc.)

These events are mandatory for all Ampersand School Students. They serve as final exams for each themed-curriculum unit.

Student Exhibition Schedule

Exhibition is traditionally from 6pm – 9pm

Students should be picked up at Ampersand School at Noon, then arrive at the designated Exhibition Venue by 5pm to
meet their teachers. Students should not leave the Exhibition Venue without permission from the Director.

**More information to follow with specific instructions for each Student Exhibition.

Bring a Friend to School Day

BF days are a special program for current Ampersand Students to invite potential students who are part of their sports teams, summer camps, churches, afterschool programs, neighborhoods, etc. to spend a day and experience Ampersand. This will be a typical school day, with a focus on making. Additional details and registration will be on our website the first week of September.
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